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Well, autumn is just about here, and for me (at least as far as the garden is concerned) it might as well be February.  Why?  ‘Cause this is the time I start planting and planning my fall/winter garden.

I did have some plants growing during the summer, mostly melons, without much success.  We harvested one cantaloupe, which tasted only O.K.  I still have cantaloupe and watermelon growing, but there is NOT ONE maturing fruit.  So much for gardening in the summer.  I’ll stick to my winter garden!

This week I’ll be cleaning up, putting down compost and turning it under.  I’m also going to start a new compost pile, and as soon as the weather cools just a bit, i’ll be adding some worms from the local sporting goods store to live there.

I’m planning to plant some corn (didn’t grow well for me in Yuma, but I’m going to try it here) and some beans.  I’m also going to direct sow tomatoes.  I direct sowed some “October Wonder” last spring and they grew well, but it was a little too late to produce.  I actually got some tomato seeds from Campbell Soup Company, and it’ll be fun to grow them.

I’ll also be starting my cole crops: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc., as well as my peas. I’m really hoping to have peas, both English and sweet pea (flowers) this year.

A great resource for desert gardeners to know when to plant down here, is from the cooperative extension.  Here’s the link to all their information on vegetable gardening:


More to come!


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