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may 30th sunflowers etc 003OK, yeah, I was in the musical “Carousel” once upon a time. Forgive me!

Here in Mohave Valley temps are rising about a month ahead of schedule. Average temps for May are usually in the high 90’s, and in June, in the 105-107 range.  Well, May was about 10 degrees warmer than normal, so it will be interesting to see what June brings.  We’ve even had some thunderstorms, VERY unusual for this early in the season.

I am getting ready to pull out my tomato plants.  Linn Mills at the Las Vegas Review-Journal says you can get them through the summer, and even get a few more tomatoes, but I choose to pull them and start fresh in August. (For more about keeping your tomatoes going, see Linn’s column at http://www.lvrj.com/living/45953762.html.)




We are also very excited to see how well our cantaloupe and squash are growing.  They get lots of water and food.  They are the rare plant that I actually feed with water-soluble all- purpose fertilizer.  The plant is so huge, and the energy to create the fruit needs it.  Also, the “mystery plant” is no longer a mystery: it’s a Danish squash.  It is amazing to me that these fruits grow at what I would call an exponential rate!  Every day, they are a little larger. This photo was taken on May 30th, and the cantaloupe was about the size of a kiwi.  Today it is about the size of a nice big russet potato.  Amazing! 

Here’s a picture of the squash:

No longer a mystery: Danish squash.

No longer a mystery: Danish squash.

The other plants that are doing well are the watermelons, of course, and my sunflowers. 

I went out and bought seeds today!  Why, you may ask?  Well, when August rolls around, and I am ready to start my tomatoes, corn, peppers, etc. for my fall garden, I will be ready.  I know from experience that if I wait I will search the stores in vain for those seeds.  They will be sending them back to the seller soon.  I’ll keep them in a cool dark place until I’m ready to plant.

 sunflowers 001Some of the seeds I found today were for more SUNFLOWERS! I love sunflowers!  Their bold flowers, towering size, broad leaves, and tough constitution make them great for the desert garden!  This patch has made a nice green spot for our patio, and the ones out in the tomato patch are even attracting hummingbirds.  Once the seed heads mature, they will be placed out in the bird feeding area for birdy joy!

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